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Yoshifumi Hayashi
Masse Gris-Noir  
Limited edition/signed, Yoshifumi Hayashi's
Portfolio a set of 8 sheets (sheet size: 33.6 x 22.5cm), 
Original black cloth binder (size: 37.5 x 28.0cm)

Edition: Edition 35 of 180

Condition: Very good with minimal wear 

Limited edition portfolio in celebration of an exhibition of the works of Yoshifumi Hayashi, an artist who resides in France. A careful collection of the latest works of artist Yoshifumi Hayashi who continues his lonely pursuit of a world of sensual love through detailed pencil sketches.

The grotesque eroticism of Yoshifumi Hayashi’s smooth, graphite illustrations are surrealistic exhibitions of the artist’s deepest and darkest paranoias, fetishes, and obsessions. Legs, breasts, vulvas, and mouths are remixed into accumulative, abject organisms like that of a mutant Hans Bellmer mannequin.

In one illustration, a rat king cluster of plump, gesticulating legs project from a mass of intestinal, tubular matter that is reminiscent of both a vulva and a butchered animal carcass. In another, a pillar of disembodied breasts dripping with hyperrealistic beads of sweat tower up a leafy stalk like bulbs on a garlic branch ready to be plucked. Repeating themes include legs, intestines, modernist architectural interiors, and Magritte-esque landscapes.

Born in 1948, the artist moved to Paris at age 26 where he began to create pencil drawings through self-study. He has since developed a cult following.

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