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SLAVS AND TATARS / Mouth to Mouth

SLAVS AND TATARS / Mouth to Mouth

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Slavs and Tatars
Mouth to Mouth  2017
Hardbound gold foiled canvas cover, 232 pages
32.5 x 24.5cm
Walther König / Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

Condition: New

Published on the occasion of a mid-career survey presented in Warsaw, Tehran, Istanbul and Vilnius, Mouth to Mouth is the first monograph on the collective, with documentation of all eight cycles of work. This monograph offers a critical inventory of Slavs and Tatars’ lecture-performances, exhibitions and publications across ten years of activity. Edited by Pablo Larios with essays by Susan Babaie, Jörg Haiser, and David Joselit.

Defining an area ‘east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China’ as their remit, Slavs and Tatars repeatedly creolize, craft and collide a political and imagined geography to topple our brittle notions of identity, language, and beliefs. Throughout their 10 year practice, the artist collective has turned to Turkic language politics, medieval advice literature, the relationship between Iran and Poland, and transliteration, to name but a few of their areas of research.

 A region sandwiched between empires (Russian, Byzantine, Persian, to name a few), ideologies (Communism and political Islam), not to mention the Abrahamic faiths, Eurasia becomes a foil to an understanding of ourselves as multiple subjectivities.

The artists’ work (from sculptures to lecture performances, installations to publications) similarly overturn the traditional hierarchies of understanding, seeing, and listening. Slavs and Tatars aim to free knowledge from the Enlightenment confines of the mind.

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