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SCOTT KING / Anxiety & Depression

SCOTT KING / Anxiety & Depression

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Scott king
Anxiety & Depression  2015
Softcover, 64 pages
Third printing
16.5 x 10.5cm

Condition: New

Anxiety & Depression is an unusual and quirky ‘self-help’ manual for the 21st century, created by Scott King. Trained as a graphic designer King worked as Art Director of i-D and Creative Director of Sleazenation magazines, for which he was awarded ‘Best Cover’ and ‘Best Designed Feature of the Year’ prizes.

King occasionally produces work under the banner CRASH! with writer and historian Matt Worley.

King’s work has been exhibited widely in London, New York and European galleries including the ICA, KW Berlin, Portikus, White Columns, Kunstverein Munich and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

“I suggest you burn this copy of ‘Anxiety & Depression.’ I believe it is a dangerous and revelatory book, this fuck-you manual for the terminally deranged, that describes, in some unflinching detail, to many of us, the way we live now. You see those people, making their shameful early morning pilgrimages to the corner shop, rolling around in dog shit in the cemetery grass, or furtively jiggling the pub doors at ten thirty in the morning. These are their stories. They are lonely, depressed, and need a drink. After reading about them, so do I.”

—David L Hayles, author of “The Suicide Kit”

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