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SATOMI NIHONGI / 70's Tokyo Trans Gender

SATOMI NIHONGI / 70's Tokyo Trans Gender

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Satomi Nihongi
70's Tokyo Trans Gender 2021
Hardcover, clothbound, wraparound band, slip case, 110 pages
26.5 x 19cm
First edition of 500, signed and numbered
Komiyama, Tokyo

Condition: New

A series of striking portraits by Satomi Nihongi of the Tokyo transgender community in the 1970's. Shot in various gay clubs across Shinjuku, Akasaka and Ayoama, these black and white images were ahead of their time, already going beyond the social norms of gender and sexuality of that time period. Published for the first time by Komiyama in 2021, the images sourced for the book are all scans from original vintage prints that have never been shown before, some have spotted or deteriorated, showing signs of age over the decades.

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