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RE/SEARCH / Industrial Culture Handbook

RE/SEARCH / Industrial Culture Handbook

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Re/Search #6/7
Industrial Culture Handbook  2006
Hardcover, 140 pp
179 photos & illustrations
28 x 22cm

Essential library reference guide to the deviant performance artists and musicians of the Industrial Culture moment: Survival Research Laboratories, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Non, Monte Cazazza, Johanna Went, Sordide Sentimental, R&N, and Z’ev…

Hardback only. Only 1000 made, on superior glossy paper! Purple endpapers! Future rare collectible. The photos are infinitely sharper on the new glossy paper. The new hardback looks like a brand new book! This edition is superior to (and supersedes) all old printings offered elsewhere on the Internet.

“…really a game changer, one of the most inspirational books I read. Much loved.” — Jack Sargeant, writer.

“Packed with fascinating material, and as always beautifully produced and designed. A real insight into what links these artists and their obsessions.” — J.G. Ballard

“…changed my life.” — Kimberly Walton, artist.

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