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Rachel Rose

RACHEL ROSE / Rachel Rose

RACHEL ROSE / Rachel Rose

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Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose  2020
Softcover, 240 pages
22 x 29cm
Walther Koenig, Köln

Condition: New

New York–based artist Rachel Rose (born 1986) approaches visual storytelling as a sensory experience informed by key elements of the human experience: our relationship to landscape and the belief systems that have developed around ideas of mortality. Entrenched in historical references and culled from a variety of sources from soul music to spacewalks, Rose’s composite video installations are created to question what it is that makes us human and how we continue to find ways to alter and escape that designation.

Published on the occasion of Rose’s first large-scale solo shows in Germany and France, this volume documents a variety of her video installations and a new series of sculptures.

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