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RE/SEARCH / Pranks !

RE/SEARCH / Pranks !

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Pranks !  1987
Hardback, 333 pages
29 x 23cm
Re/Search, V.Vale (signed)

Condition: New 

A prank is a "trick, a mischievous act, a ludicrous act." Although not regarded as poetic or artistic acts, pranks constitute an art form and genre in themselves. Here pranksters such as Timothy Leary, Abbie Hoffman, Monte Cazazza, Jello Biafra, Earth First!, Joe Coleman, Karen Finley, John Waters and Henry Rollins (and more) challenge the sovereign authority of words, images and behavioural convention. This iconoclastic compendium will dazzle and delight all lovers of humour, satire and irony.

“Pranks is absolutely fascinating – remarkable source material for any experimental psychologist. It crosses the whole spectrum from mere pranks and practical jokes into concept art and the shaky foundations of a lot of everyday reality, and beyond that into pure psychopathy, in a few cases. One of your very best books yet.” — J.G. Ballard

Featuring Timothy Leary; Abbie Hoffman; Mark Pauline; John Waters; Karen Finley; Bruce Conner; Paul Krassner. 

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