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JOAN MITCHELL / By Her Friends

JOAN MITCHELL / By Her Friends

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Joan Mitchell
By Her Friends  2023
Softcover, 224 pages
21 x 15cm
Les Presses du Reel, FR

Condition: New

Influential American painter, Joan Mitchell (1925–1992), was a leading figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement of the mid-20th century. Breaking boundaries as a female artist, Mitchell achieved critical acclaim in a male-dominated art world. This book provides an intimate portrait of the artist through a collection of previously unpublished conversations with Mitchell’s closest friends. From artists, art historians, and personalities such as Paul Auster and Zuka, this book brings together Guy Bloch-Champfort's interviews, revealing new character traits and stories about the artist. The author was a close friend of Mitchell and the coordinator of her estate after her death.

Interviews with Paul Auster, Claude Bauret Allard, Carole Benzaken, Franck Bordas, Velma Bury, Henri-Claude Cousseau, John Cheim, Philipe Dagen, Monique Frydman, Alan Glass, Elga Heinzen, Jacqueline Hyde, Betsy Jolas, Klaus Kertess, Serge Lemoine, Adrien Maeght, Brice Marden, Françoise Marquet, Joyce Pensato, Philippe Piguet, Marcelin Pleynet, Philippe Richard, Michaële Andréa Schatt, Bill Scott, Robert Storr, Jill Weinberg Adams, Mâkhi Xenakis, Zuka.

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