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RE/SEARCH / Modern Primitives

RE/SEARCH / Modern Primitives

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Modern Primitives  1987
Hardback, 333 pages
29 x 23cm
Re/Search, V.Vale (signed)

Edition: 500

Condition: New

This is the book that launched “a Revolution” and introduced the world to body piercing and full-body tattoos. Additional interview with Raelyn Gallina, plus tattoo/piercing community sponsorship pages in the back. Supersedes all previous editions.

“I loved the introduction in your previous book, and all the introductions to the other wonderful books you’ve made. Incidentally, your last publication, 'Modern Primitives', was extraordinary. That was an amazing book – that was a genuine work of modern urban anthropology. It was incredible. You could have been Margaret Mead going to Samoa – it was the equivalent of that. And it was never voyeuristic. It was an extraordinary book, beautifully conceived and researched in such depth. That’s what’s so wonderful about all your publications: the depth of them – they just go on and on. Where most books end, yours are just about beginning. I mean they really are very, very impressive. You’ve produced really amazing books; there’s no question about that.” – J.G. Ballard

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