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GUY BENFIELD / I Say Fuck It (The House of Dragon)

GUY BENFIELD / I Say Fuck It (The House of Dragon)

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Guy Benfield
I Say Fuck It (The House of Dragon) 2023
magazine, unpaginated
29.5 x 20.5cm
Self published

I Say Fuck It (The House of Dragon) compiles volume 2 of the self published masterpiece by Australian artist Guy Benfield. iThis volume compiles illustrations, imagery and graphics with stream of consciousness writing and includes; "The North Zone Outside Chino" Part I and II, "John Wick 5 : Ditched to Die", "Blow Off", "All Pleasure 2", Defe Fnsive", "Draculear's Touch 2", "At Italian Night Clubs Bad Zervice XATAT PALAISE Grand Omega 3, "Repetition of the the the Michael Werner generation", "Network", "Jailed Kremlin", "New Vader", "Newar Redact", "Militarization Ate The Cat", "FUCK WEEK The Movie", "Club Nepenthe", "The Funeral", "Heat Jam", plus many more...

Guy Benfield (Born 1964) is an Australia artist based in Melbourne. His work consists of sculpture, painting, drawing and video using mixed media Benfield work has been shown at Minerva, Showing Up, Neon Parc, Melbourne Australia, Body Request, KIAF, Korean International Art Fair. Seoul Korea. Lower Expressionism, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, Triple the End, 47 Canal St, New York, 179 canal st New York USA, - e-flux found a new home! Museum of Modern Art plus Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenia,, Art in General New Commissions, Art in General, New York, USA, and other galleries nationally and internationally.
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