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KARL HOLMQVIST / 300574R540N3574R

KARL HOLMQVIST / 300574R540N3574R

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Karl Holmqvist
300574R540N3574R  2016
Softcover, 150 pages
22.5 x 14cm, 250 numbered copies
One Star Press, Paris

Condition: New

R34D WH47 I7 54Y5 1N 7H3 5T4R5. JU57 R34D WH47 I7 54Y5. C0UN7 7HE 5T4R5. D4NC3 W17H 7H3 5T4R5. 5T4R 7HE 5T4R5. 4ND C0UN71NG. 4ND 5T4RR1NG. FU7UR3 PLU5 P3RF3CT F0R3V3R. 84CK 15 U9. D0WN 15 0V3R. FUCK 7H3 5T4R5. FML. 7H3 3ND. - K.H. 2016

During its active years from 2000 to 2019, onestar press boasted a remarkable production line consisting of over 300 books, 300 multiples, and artists' films. The organisation's commitment to granting artists space, freedom, and flexibility in realising their creative concepts, along with its embrace of new technologies, fostered fruitful collaborations with international artists across a wide array of projects.

onestar press held a steadfast vision when it came to contemporary creation, maintaining a non-didactic and diversified approach. This vision manifested in their publication of artists from different generations, countries, and perspectives, effectively serving as a subjective "encyclopedia" that reflects our multifaceted civilisation.

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