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Claes Oldenburg
Store Day's  1967
Hardcover, first Edition
Something Else Press, New York

Condition: Good, minimal wear. 

Description: Hard cover, crisp black-and-white and colour illustrations throughout complementing the text. Produced with the aid of Emmett Williams, photographs by Robert R. McElroy. Also includes a pristine example of the original business card for "The Store" (at 107 E. 2nd St.), which is inserted into its glassine pocket pasted on to the front! 

A great document of the early 60's Oldenburg store which continues to influence so many artists to this day. Store Days is the remainings of the most significant monument of the early 60’s New York art - The events, theories, works and situations surrounding Claes Oldenburg’s Store, which was on the one hand a real place where real sales were made, and on the other a set of ideas whose reverberations are still being felt…

Store Days is a selection by the artist, with the aid of Emmett Williams, of texts, graphic materials and photos from 1961-62. The documents are presented as directly as possible, since this is no catalogue but the evocation of a seminal moment.“ 

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