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BRUCE NAUMAN / Neons Corridors Rooms

BRUCE NAUMAN / Neons Corridors Rooms

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Bruce Nauman 
Neons Corridors Rooms  2022
Hardcover, 203 pages. 30 x 22cm, 200 colour illustrations
Marsilio Arte, IT

Condition: New

Published in conjunction with the exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan, this monograph presents the most up-to-date compilation of the spatial and architectural works of New Mexico–based artist Bruce Nauman. Through his neons, corridors and room installations, Nauman accentuates the contrast between the perceptual and physical experience of space. This title also features entries for the 30 works on display written by researchers from international institutions.Perception itself can be interpreted as the subject matter of his work; the aesthetic experience of entering a narrow corridor or an empty room flooded with neon light supersedes the art “objects” in the viewer’s experience. The volume includes newly commissioned essays on Nauman's conceptual developments and formal variations by scholars, conservators and curators such as Joan Simon, Francesca Esmay and Gloria Sutton, and a text by the exhibition curators.

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